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FDM 3D Printing

The Most Common Form Of 3D Printing With Many Material Choices

3D Design

Parametric 3D CAD Design For Functional And Geometric Parts

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Resin Printing

Ultra high-detail 3D Printing To Bring Your Designs To The Next Level

3D Scanning

3D Scanning For Complex Objects And Replication Of Existing Or Broken Parts

Printing Consultation

FREE 3D Printing Advice & Consultation To Get Your Projects Underway

About Our Services

NTech 3D Printing in Brisbane gives you access to FDM 3D Printing and Resin 3D Printing technologies right here in Brisbane to assist you in bringing your ideas to life! 3D Printing is the next generation of manufacturing, often referred to as additive manufacturing. This technique brings lower cost manufacturing into your hands and is often used for prototyping, art, custom items and even end-use products! The potential applications are endless with 3D Printing.

3D printers can be finicky, costly, and sometimes require technical expertise especially if you’re needing reliability and switching materials. We take the pain out of handling the technical nature, upkeep and learning curb of 3D printing so you can solely focus on developing your ideas, prototypes, and products.

Not everyone has 3D CAD design and modelling skills so we also have you covered there, offering 3D CAD design and modelling services which can be created based on your drawings, photos or existing items.There are many material options and considerations when looking to utilise 3D printing however NTech 3D printing Brisbane also has you covered there. You can find all the info you need on the “Service Info and Materials” page.

Whether you need a singular prototype, large 3D prints or bulk 3D printing here in Australia, NTech 3D Printing has the capability. Highly competitive discounting is applied based on the size and type of your order. We can bulk 3D print in materials from PLA and ABS through to high end materials such as Polycarbonate and Nylon which is highly cost effective for small runs or large objects as compared to injection molding or other manufacturing processes.

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Our Benefits

Brisbane Located

Located in the Brisbane area and able to service Australia wide


Affordable pricing for consumer and commercial 3D prints

Quick Turnover

Quick turnover on your order regardless of type or size

NTech 3D Printing is the most competitive 3d printing business in Brisbane, offering 3D Printing Australia wide. Capable of producing fast high quality 3D printing and pride ourselves on communication, attention to your specific project and sharing the 3D printing details you need to make the right choices. Whether you have a 3D model ready to go, need your concept designed, or looking into potentially using 3D printing in your application, we’re always willing to go the extra mile.

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3D Scanning

  • Automotive Scanning
  • Art Scanning
  • Replication & Repair
  • Broken Part Replication
  • People
  • Custom Scanning

NTech 3D Printing offers 3D scanning services right here in Brisbane, QLD for anyone who requires it!

This process is best suited to accurately replicating and modifying complex items such as statues and automotive parts which would otherwise be less cost effective to replicate using CAD design. 

Our precision technology ensures accurate and detailed scans for a variety of applications big or small!

3D Scanning Supercar
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Australian Made

All orders are printed right here in Brisbane, Australia.

In another city like Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide? We can ship to anywhere in Australia!

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