About NTech 3D Printing

NTech 3D Printing is a quality 3D printing service created with the aimed of providing affordable, high quality 3D prints with quick ordering, turnaround and communication. NTech 3D Printing is ideal for businesses, engineers, hobbyists, artists or general public and can cater to a small-medium commercial level.

Located in the Brisbane area, we aim to provide a clean and quick 3D printing service catering to your requirements. We pride ourselves on unparalleled assistance and friendly communication, going that extra mile for any order or query.

We provide FDM 3D printing in multiple materials and colours as well as high detail resin 3D printing with an integrated “file prepare and check” service to ensure your files are ready for 3D printing. 

3D design services are available for any scale of project which implements 3D printing

3D Printer repair and design services are available.

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