What Design services do you offer?

Here at NTech 3D Printing we offer Parametric 3D CAD design and Organic Modelling. This means we can cover designs of mechanical and functional parts, replication of physical objects, art, sculptures, models and more!

We design with 3D printing in mind so your idea can be optimised for printing cost, efficiency and performance. Always keeping in constant communication with you to ensure every visual and function detail of your design is covered so it can be quickly printed once finished.

If the design you request cannot be facilitated in-house we will put you in touch with contacts who are capable of creating the design you require.

Parametric CAD

Parametric CAD Design For Mechanical And Functional Parts

Organic Design

Organic Modelling For Artistic Pieces


Replication Of Existing Parts

Cost Optimised

Designs Optimised For Cost Efficiency

3D Printing Optimised

Designed and Optimised For 3D Printing

Design Quote

Cost is heavily dependant on the complexity of the design you require (Don’t worry our design rates are great!). We will go over your idea and establish cost estimates from there. Let us know what you’re looking for and send any details, images, sketches etc… 

To request a price quote please fill in the below form or contact us via any method listed on the contact page. We generally reply within a few hours.

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