3DLac Plus 3D Printer Bed Adhesive Spray – 100ml


3DLac Plus is the latest anti-warping odourless 3d printer adhesive spray for your 3D prints!

This spray formula is designed to assist your prints sticking to the bed. It works with heated or non-heated beds and a wide range of standard materials. This is especially effective for ensuring ABS prints NEVER warp and significantly increases the reliability of printing low warpage materials such as PLA, even with warped, worn or unlevel beds!

For heated beds prints stick steadfast while hot and pop off once the bed has cooled, leaving minimal residue behind which can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth,  unlike glue-stick, hairspray or other adhesive solutions.

Give your bed a light coat using the easy and clean 100ml spray bottle. One bottle will last hundreds of prints!

Discover the advantages of 3DLAC PLUS 3D printing adhesive!

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